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Accompanied School choice and Admissions

The Relocator will help the family to make their choice, make appointments with the appropriate schools (up to 3) and accompany the parent (s) to the Schools to talk and take a look for themselves.

Sometimes in a relocation planning, when a pre-arrival trip to the new location is possible, the family urgently needs to secure a place in an International  school. Your Relocator will offer an overview of the School(s)  and location, costs,  transport facilities and something of the methods and philosophy. And arrange a call (s) with the people at the School whom the parents would like to speak with. 

The Relocator will help the family to make their choice make appointments with the appropriate schools (up to 3) and accompany the parent (s) to the Schools to talk and take a look for themselves. Decision is made and the Relocator will continue to co-ordinate when necessary.

What do you get:

  • Opening discussion. 
  • In-between chats, calls and research.
  • Information on all topics mentioned
  • Discussion on parent’s requirements and concerns
  • Brief on children’s education 
  • Finding the right school- or examining one that’s already chosen
  • Choice made and look-see organized (accompanied) by the Relocator  
  • Admission Forms sent if there is a place
  • Alternatives discussed if there is not a place
  • Up to 2 schools in a 40 km radius can be visited
  • No guarantee of a place if admission is full or closed
  • Short Closing discussion

Intended for:

  • Singles, couples & Families
  • 1 child in one school or 2 children in same schools

Information required:

  • Destination
  • Proof that the relocation will happen
  • Location and Arrival dates.
  • Birthdate of children.
  • Language spoken at home

Project timeline:

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion up to 3 months after the opening consultation (dependent on the school admissions)

Opening discussion

Online meeting with your relocator (max 1 hour)

Research and local information

Research info via email/chat/pdf

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestone

Closing consultation

Online meeting with Relocator (max 1 hour)

/ per service

10 Relocators provide this service.

asked questions

I am in the new location for one day. Can you help?
Yes, This is where we will act as guide and local supporter to and your questions will be answered on the school visits.
We are British and the only school that is convenient is an American school. Will this work?
That’s a discussion to have with the School itself. We will facilitate that discussion with the right person (people) when you have your visit
I have a 13 year old that is very talented in swimming, can we find out what the School does for their talented pupils. We plan to return to home country in 3 years.
We will make sure you speak to the right people to assist you.
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