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TZUZA for Corporates and global Organizations

Human Resource Managers in Corporates have been searching for an opportunity to drastically cut their relocation costs. This gives the opportunity to re-think Relocation Services in an open, clear way, with new thinking of the immediate and longer term requirements of today’s cross-border personnel, their partners and children.

TZUZA provides support consultations with HR Consultants on our Management Team, who are used to preparing Global HR Mobility Policy for both guidance and assistance for traditional relocation as well as developing for Corporates an online policy  for the many advantages from our online services.

We offer three different solutions for corporates. If you want to know more about our soloutions, please book a 30 minute demo with one of our Mobility Consultants.

The TZUZA advantage

Corporates and larger Organizations can have their own pre-chosen webshop full of services that are approved for all employees . Selection can be determined by the must- have services required such as Immigration, or Housing and some of the wider range of programmes required in todays market.  Such as  dual career, coaching, language tuition, educational advice.   

  • Consumers with low budgets, who may only need occaisional support, have full access to all services on an on-going basis.
  • TZUZA is the first “tech” solution provider to this marketplace offering a retail shopping expereince for buying relocation services. They  continues to expand on a global scale.
  • By creating and building a “community” of consumer users, utilising Social Neworks and other resources, TZUZA will also deliver a wide range of support “third party” services including travel, housing, shipping, immigration, recruitment, financial and others. This can either be direct or through “third party partner agreements” which are already being developed.
  • The aim is to build up long term and trusting market relationship and communitity with our customer base and through our Relocators/ Relocation consultant network.

Human Resource Manager Benefits

Cost Savings: Massive cost reductions by up to 40% or more are provided by online relocation, whilst supporting HR/Relocation Policy. HR surveys consistently show cost as the No 1 HR driver.

Flexibility & Assignee Empowerment: Our online Pay-As-You-Go model supports every budget and empowers assignees to steer and control their own relocation. Giving total buy-in to the employee and or family on the move.

Perfect for “Lump Sum” Budgets: “Lump Sum” assignees tend to spend the minimum they can on relocation support. TZUZA is perfect for these tightly budgeted and very popular programs.

TZUZA is able to offer Corporates their own team of local Relocators to support the locations most in use by the Corporate Client. With an internal Corporate Page that highlights the services and Relocators that their employees are able to access.

Stays with the Client, – Before, During and After Move Support: We stay with our Clients through the challenges, changes and questions arising for their relocation,  becoming their first source for settling worries and problems after arrival.

Contacts and suppliers: Especially in the areas of Shipping/Moving Finance, Insurance, Immigration. We have the expertise and contacts built up from 45 years plus in the global relocation industry. We recommend and pass on the most suitable suppliers for all categories of Clients taking account their needs and budgets.

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