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Human Resource Managers in small and large corporations have been searching for a new - light weight - mobility solution with a focus on the relocating employee. Well, search no more!

We offer your organisation an easy-to-use online market place with a full set of relocation services that can be purchased directly by your employees. This gives them the flexibility and choice to purchase any service they need, at any time and for any destination.

Want to know more? Please book a 30 minute demo with one of our Mobility Consultants.
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Next Gen Relocation

In this age of change and uncertainty comes a new relocation approach, affirming simplicity, employee ownership and practical knowledge. We offer your colleagues greater selection, better value and more what they need. All quality relocation services right at your fingertips. And of course we make sure we utilize all the technological advantages of today to make the life of any mobility manager a lot easier.

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Step by step, service by service
We offer an easy to use online market place where anyone can buy relocation services & packages one at a time. The TZUZA platform connects your talent directly to our talented local relocation professionals. They can organize and carry out the processes needed for any service into any new location. No more cookie cutter approach. 

TZUZA also provides support consultations with HR Consultants on our Management Team. They are used to preparing Global HR Mobility Policy for both guidance and assistance for traditional relocation as well as developing for Corporates an online policy for the many advantages from our online services. 

Join a growing network of like-minded organisations who have also seen the need for making changes to the way we relocate employees today and tomorrow.
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How a Tzuza partnership works!

1. Book a demo
Want to know more? Please book a 30 minute demo with one of our Mobility Consultants.
2. Plan an intake meeting
Meet our mobility consultant and discover the stepping stones to a future proof mobility strategy.
3. Start a Tzuza Pilot
Learn how self directed relocation works for you organisation. Let 5-10 employees use the platform to buy services one by one. 

4. Tailored mobility solution
After evaluating the pilot we will design the future proof mobility policy and work towards a full implementation for all of the annual relocations.
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asked questions

Is the 30 minute online demo free of charge?
Yes, the online demo of our online market place and Enterprise Solution is free of charge.
Is a pilot mandatory to work with Tuza?
No. Anyone can use our online market place and buy services directly from professional relocators all over the globe. However, if you are interested in our Enterprise Solution a piliot is indeed mandetory. If you are interested in our business solutions for small or medium organisation please contact us by filling out the form below.
Do you offer any resources for relocators?
Yes! We offer personal support to help you sell great services. We are available for any questions at teach@tzuza.com.
What destinations are your servicing?
We are onboarding Relocation Professionals in new destinations on a weekly basis. If you want to ensure your preferred destinations are or on short notice become active in our platform, please contact us by using the form on this page.
Is the self direct online market place cost effective?
Yes, by connecting customers directly to professional relocators via our platform and by utilizing technology to take over a lot of conventional project management, working with Tzuza is up to 40% more cost effective than coventional relocation solutions.
Who can sell on Tzuza?
Any working relocation professionals, expert, and subject matter enthusiast can create an account. However, every relocator requires platform approval before they can start selling. We at Tzuza choose talented local professionals who can organize and carry out the processes needed for a happy and successful move into a new location. Being totally in charge of all the clients requests and needs from get-go.

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