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We believe that employees who make a professional move (assignees) deserve the best possible new life abroad. After all, if we can make your people feel right at home, they’ll be happier and more productive in every way.

Organizations traditionally offer employees incentives to look after their physical and nutritional well-being, such as gym memberships and healthy food options. However, they tend to focus less on mental health.

To fill this ‘well-being gap’, Tzuza developed a plug & play relocation solution. At it’s core, it includes a managed in-house relocation web shop, filled with services focused on the well-being of the assignee and their partner or family.

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Well-being is a new demand

The world has entered a new age of rapid change and uncertainty, giving rise to new demands in global mobility solutions.

With the increased popularity of remote work and recruitment companies driven to bring the best local talents to destinations abroad, organizations and their assignees expect more. Much more.
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Your in-house solution for ‘well-being’ relocation services
Tzuza offers your organisation the opportunity to connect to a plug & play in-house relocation shop focussing on the well-being services that fit your company and assignees needs.

We operate on a global scale and dare to say we can even serve your most difficult destinations. At the same time we always provide our services via local professionals living and working in or near the location (max 40 km) of your assignees destination.

Why work with Tzuza
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How a Tzuza partnership works!

1. Book a demo
Want to know more? Please book a 30 minute demo and discover how your organization can bridge the well-being gap.
2. Interested? Plan a deep dive
Meet our mobility consultant and determine the destinations, local relocators and well-being services you want to offer to your assignees.
3. We develop your shop
Depending on your requirements we develop and launch your in-house shop in 6 -8 weeks.

4. Enjoy well-being benefits
Enjoy your managed in-house well-being solution for all your employees who are already living abroad or planning to.
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asked questions

Is the 30 minute online demo free of charge?
Yes, the online demo of our online market place and Enterprise Solution is free of charge.
Is a pilot mandatory to work with Tuza?
No. Anyone can use our online market place and buy services directly from professional relocators all over the globe. However, if you are interested in our Enterprise Solution a piliot is indeed mandetory. If you are interested in our business solutions for small or medium organisation please contact us by filling out the form below.
Do you offer any resources for relocators?
Yes! We offer personal support to help you sell great services. We are available for any questions at teach@tzuza.com.
What destinations are your servicing?
We are onboarding Relocation Professionals in new destinations on a weekly basis. If you want to ensure your preferred destinations are or on short notice become active in our platform, please contact us by using the form on this page.
Is the self direct online market place cost effective?
Yes, by connecting customers directly to professional relocators via our platform and by utilizing technology to take over a lot of conventional project management, working with Tzuza is up to 40% more cost effective than coventional relocation solutions.
Who can sell on Tzuza?
Any working relocation professionals, expert, and subject matter enthusiast can create an account. However, every relocator requires platform approval before they can start selling. We at Tzuza choose talented local professionals who can organize and carry out the processes needed for a happy and successful move into a new location. Being totally in charge of all the clients requests and needs from get-go.

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