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  • Relocation services 
    for VIPS.

    A hands-on Relocation Service for almost every task for top-level managers, VIP ‘s who wish to outsource their relocation.

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Full service relocation.

A local expert to be your Relocation/Personal Assistant managing a relocation, entering a new country, assisting with housing, travel, diary keeping, lifestyle and settling in. With a mixture of online and face to face service.
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Access a suitable local professional Relocator with Tzuza
A hands-on Relocation Service for almost every task for top-level managers, VIP ‘s who wish to outsource their relocation and lifestyle tasks to a local Relocator who will have the expertise and time to support them. Throughout and beyond a relocation. 

Corporates can access a suitable local professional Relocator with Tzuza for this service. The number of hours suggested can be altered if necessary.
Why choose Tzuza VIP?
Personal relocation assistent
Phygital service delivery 
Save time by outsourcing

What you get 
as Tzuza VIP.

This VIP service offers personal assistance or any other services from household support, lifestyle management, transportation, planning and organization of local tasks and requirements. Choosing homes and making sure associated paperwork, accompanied visits and utility connection is included is included.

The idea is to save the time of the client by performing/supporting their routine or specialized tasks during what Is usually a busy, complicated and intense period when moving to a new location.

The client outsources personal tasks connected to the relocation process, like household management, pet care, shopping information and research etc. to a local Relocation professional. Our relocators know almost everything about the legal, social and cultural aspects of moving into or out of their location.

Tzuza covers the well-being and mental health of all family members by offering opportunities to access, coaching services, mentoring and adult education, language lessons, sports, spouse/partner programmes and accessing local social communities and international clubs. Some of these Services are charged separately.
We organize and plan. Inform and guide. We anticipate, are pro-active and experts in the relocation process.

Through our continuous co-operation with worldwide legal support services, we can assist with visa requirements and tax advisors. Household movers and key services required in a move abroad and are able to have our relocators project manage the operations with you. Always needed on a move abroad.

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asked questions

Who can sell on Tzuza?
Any working relocation professionals, expert, and subject matter enthusiast can create an account. However, every relocator requires platform approval before they can start selling. We at Tzuza choose talented local professionals who can organize and carry out the processes needed for a happy and successful move into a new location. Being totally in charge of all the clients requests and needs from get-go.
Why should I sell my services via an online market place?
Customers are more likely to use a site or an app with a broad range of options so they can choose exactly what they want without limiting their choice to a single provider
Can I register my relocation company?
At this stage we prefer to work with local individual relocators. However, we do see potential in working with small and medium relocations businesses. Please contact us to explore growth opportunities.
What destinations are you looking to add?
Although we do have our own specific destination roadmap for the coming months, we are looking to add any destination and any location in the world. So please register and be the first to claim your destination.
Do I need to promote my services?
Tzuza operates on a webshop model, so your services will have a built-in audience from the start. We also continue to add tips to help you promote your services to your own community to help you maximize your success.
Do you offer any resources for relocators?
Yes! We offer personal support to help you sell great services. We are available for any questions at teach@tzuza.com.
How can I earn money?
You'll earn money by selling and providing relocation services. You decide your hourly rate, together we decide the final price of the service in our store (price x quantity of hours).
How do I promote my services?
Once your services go live, there are a number of things you can do to attract customers. You can set competitive prices, run promotions, optimize your content (images) and offer great customer service. We will continue to add content to help you optimize your sales pages.

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