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Design Your Own Relocation for Singles & Couples

  • Singles
  • Couples
  • Practical
  • Hybrid

The opportunity to discuss your upcoming Relocation with a local professional Relocator. Plan a timeline and put together the resources required for a do-it yourself relocation.

In the event you do not feel your needs are met by any of the existing services, but you do have questions regarding your relocation, you can opt for our four hour Design Your Own Relocation Service package. Under the online supervision of a Relocator – who is local to the country and town where you are relocating- you compile your own relocation plan. You decide which matters are sufficiently important to discussed with your Relocator and what you can do by yourself. And when your time is up you can easily extend your package with more online advice and/or assistance. Conversation with an expert Relocator who is local to the country and town where you are relocating gives an insiders view based on needs and budget.  To create a working plan in order to be able to manage a transfer.  A do-it – yourself planning option – with lots of assistance!   


What do you get:

  • Direct intake with a local expert for discussion of needs, budget in order to prioritize what is important
  • A researched informative relocation plan delivered at the end of the service covering points discussed, resources and practical information based on requirements


  • Introductions to moving/shipping companies/storage
  • Various neighborhoods
  • Local resources for renting or buying property (3x) with personal introductions to get started
  • Temporary housing –3 months
  • Rental furniture/ Buying furniture
  • Commuting routes/transport 
  • Local addresses for entry procedures
  • Introduction to Immigration support Timelines required.
  • Introduction to Banks/ Insurance
  • Health Insurance 
  • Health services amenities and how they work
  • Entertainment and culture

Intended for:

  • Singles & couples

Information required:

  • Destination
  • Date of relocation

Project timeline:

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion up to 1 month after the opening consultation

Initial Consultation

Online meeting with your Relocator (max 1 hour)

Support Information and Research

Research info via PDF/Email/Chat

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

Final Consultation

Online meeting with your Relocator (max 1 hour)

/ per service

36 Relocators provide this service.
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asked questions

Where do I start? I am moving alone.
Tough to take those first steps. Knowing how to prioritize once you know what’s expected, the costs and the options and who to speak to.
My wife and I have very different ideas about what we want from a transfer to Spain, we need to talk this over without quarreling!
Couples nearly always have different ideas and needs. Talking it over with a local expert can give a straightforward answer to all the lifestyle questions.
How long do I need to find a rental apartment in Toronto, Canada and where to find a recommended Estate Agent?
Because of Covid especially, there are no hard and fast rules these days. Learn about neighborhoods and prices and get some good local recommendations and you will be armed to find one for yourself.
What happens when I am not satisfied or the Relocator does not deliver (in time)?
We always work with protected payments. So you always know what you'll pay upfront. And your payments isn't released until you approve the work. Be sure to always buy relocation services through tzuza.com and not directly from Relocators. Please review our payment services and terms of conditions for more information.
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