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DIY Living in your new town

  • Singles
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Coaching
  • Practical
  • Online

In depth consultation – this Package offers a path to understanding your new city -finding neighbourhoods and related tasks associated with your move there.  Taking account of how you live right now and what you may want to have in the new location  this offers a great kick start into the unknown!

Initial discussion on ideas and choices as to how to find  your way a new location – what the city offers and how to find it. Looking at the pro’s and cons of various districts and ideas on how to live well when you finally make the move. The Relocator will chat, listen and discover how best to offer information and direct research. Offering tips and ideas for the do-it-yourself kind of people. Therefore, this service gives you the essentials for the mentioned topic and at the same time saves you money because you still do most of the work yourself.

What do you get:

  • An invaluable one-session service – intensive and interactive –
  • Explanation on understanding what your new location offers, lifestyle, rules and regulations, neighborhoods and how they apply to your current- living status.
  • Some practical information is given easing the mind of those who are moving for the first time to a new country
  • Locations, lifestyle, needs and necessities
  • Useful information and local tips passed on

Intended for:

  • Singles, couples & families
  • Do-it-Yourself minded people

Information required:

  • Destination

Project timeline:

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion 1-2 weeks after the opening consultation

Initial Consultation

Online meeting with your Relocator (max 1 hour)

Practical Advice and Support

Research & Support info via PDF/Email/Chat

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

/ per service

25 Relocators provide this service.
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asked questions

I am moving to a town on my own I never have even visited. Where do I start?
Set aside some time for a good informative chat with someone who knows what you are likely to find and how to manage within it!
I have been asked to move abroad for a year for my job. I had to look the place up on the map. Help!
We have people who can advise all over the world and if we are in your location an interactive consultation will be the first thing that needs to happen!
I have about 6 weeks to get to my new job and new city. I have only been there on vacation. I need to understand what its like to live and work there?
This consultation is just right for you. Get some understanding and information on what the city offers and how to adapt to it.
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