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Do It Yourself Moving Out

  • Singles
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  • Family
  • Coaching
  • Online

Taking care of closing up your household is a big step in your relocation. This package is designed for people who would like to do most of the things themselves. Your Relocator will help you figure out what needs to be on your checklist. What do you take and what do you leave behind? Who officially needs to be informed? What do you need to know before packing up? Your Relocator will provide online assistance, helping you orchestrate everything that needs to be arranged before leaving your current country to move on to your new country.

This service takes place in the country you are leaving. It is especially designed for people who like to do most of the things themselves but need a little help at the start. This will save you money and give you a kick-start to get the right direction. Your Relocator will talk to you at the start of this service and give you all the practical information needed to plan and carry out this task yourself. A second conversation will take place to ensure that all the tasks mentioned have been started and or completed. Service includes being introduced to the Relocator for your new country, in case you wish to continue with support in the new country and purchase more support. Service can include recommendations to potential moving and shipping companies. 

What you get

  • Direct intake with a local expert for discussion of needs, budget in order to prioritize what is important
  • A researched informative relocation plan delivered at the end of the service covering points discussed, resources and practical information based on requirements
  • Introductions to moving/shipping companies/storage
  • Departure assessment and planning
  • Practical advice on closing your household
  • Giving information on giving notice to landlords, Information on cancelling utilities and relevant informing local services
  • Legal requirements for moving your belongings
  • Advice on temporary storage
  • Possible de-registration
  • Closing Bank Accounts
  • Closing discussion to ensure everything is finalized or further questions

Intended for

  • For Individual, Couple, Families
  • Do-most-of-it-Yourself kind of people

Information required

  • Destination
  • Date of relocation (ideal timing is 2 months in advance)

Project timeline

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion up to 3 months after the opening consultation

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

/ per service

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27 Relocators provide this service.
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asked questions

Is there a standard list somewhere of what to do to depart from my rented property how do I go about moving out legally?
You have to know who needs to hear from you and when. So closing down all current contacts and obligations in good time. Every country is slightly different!
I thought I cancelled everything but now my landlord won’t return my deposit, he examined the apartment after we left.
Common problem. It’s an item our Relocator would bring up well in advance.
My worry is the timing on a move out. I had trouble with a forgotten subscription, a last phone bill, a sports club membership.
This is where the importance of planning comes in. A definitive list based on your needs and requirements and a timeline, is what we need to help you.
I didn’t realise I have to tell my dentist I am leaving the country!
Yes, actually your doctor and dentist. You may want to collect records of any medical procedures undertaken while abroad.
I forgot to collect my childrens’ school reports from their school.
Easily done! You probably had to send for them in order to enter a new school in the new location. Another thing to do!
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