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Education / University education choices for 17-20 year olds

A service to support you when making a difficult decision  on your making choices for your almost grown-up children. In your new location.

It is always very personal and will depend on many factors when choosing the right further education for your children.  Factors such as what subjects can they study and where.  Back in a home country?  Or in the new location- or in any other place.  They can have many opportunities.

In this service the Relocater will walk you through various scenarios and possibilities to help families make a choice that’s local . Information and contact numbers of various local educational possibilities and related support channels passed on.  Your Relocator is local and experienced in education and will be your fist port of call in your search for the right adult education for your children.  Further opportunity to find Educators, university choice experts and career guidance will be offered through our Experts and Specialists. 


What do you get: 

  • Opening in-depth interview:  regular chat to inform on progress and new ideas.
  • Education opportunities sourced and places are applied for by the children’s parents/guardians. 
  • Support Information and research carried out on behalf of the Client Family.
  • Alternatives resourced.  Appointments made based on family schedule.
  • All calls and discussions on behalf of the family and children’s needs will be carried out by the family and supported by the Relocator
  • Closing in-depth interview:  regular chat to inform on progress and new ideas.

Intended for:

  • Individuals (students) & Families

Information required:

  • Destination
  • Must have arrival date
  • Potential ideas on lifestyle, school budgets, possible  length of stay
  • Ages of the children and birth dates
  • School reports ready

Project timeline:

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion up to 2 months after the opening consultation

Opening discussion

Online meeting with your relocator (max 1 hour)

Research and local information

Research info via email/chat/pdf

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestone

Closing consultation

Online meeting with Relocator (max 30 min)

/ per service

10 Relocators provide this service.

asked questions

I am moving with a 5 children how do we access the varied help we need?
Absolutely you can! Each one needs the time and attention to find the most appropriate choice. Lots of research!
We have one child of University age, 2 in their teens and one under 12 years. Help!!
This service can be split and time equally divided. We will give all the information but you still have to make a lot of different decisions.
I am moving with a young daughter on my own and her needs for school and after school care is very important.
Your Relocator will be well used to such a question and will give the benefit of their experience what to look out for , what it costs and where to find help.
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