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The Essential Relocation Package for Couples

  • Couples
  • Coaching
  • Practical
  • Online

This service provides professional relocation assistance in continuous consultation and practical care with the client’s local professional Relocator (all conducted online). Your Relocator, in consultation with the couple, will supply a relocation plan, timeline and relevant information on how to get your relocation activated and support you throughout the pre-arrival and post arrival period including addressing important issues equally between the partners. 

Information, practical assistance with making choices, evaluation of budgets, timelines. Service completed after settling in their new home. Couples have very different needs and requests, before and during a move to a new location. There are many decisions to be made and each person has different needs be considered in their own rights. We aim to help the couple make wise choices for their circumstances and wishes. To settle down, armed from pre-departure beginnings to moving into their new home at the end of this service, so that everyone can live their best life in a new place.

Couples moving abroad usually have two separate needs and wishes for their relocation.  This is a full package completing all of the basics and more, from a relocation service (From beginning to end). Extra hours or specific well-defined Services can be purchased when this is complete.  This is the full practical start that everyone relocating needs to have, and as it’s online, the workload is shared between Relocator and couple. 

Couples get a listening and professional ear. The Relocator offers Information and resources so that couples can help themselves. The Relocator will pass on 3 Real estate brokers and makes initial introductions and checks up that they are helping. Along with discussion on the final property choice. The Relocator checks Contracts and advises on any changes or helps with any wishes that Clients request. Supervises property check-in, and gets utilites organized, mobile phones TV and internet suppliers. Insurance for the house, Banking set up, Parking. Local amenities, health, shopping, parks leisure, sport, classes, networking. Supervises activities when the couple cannot or are not available on the date.


What you get

  • Opening Consultation: Expectations and Reality. Costs, timelines and needs
  • Moving and Shipping advice
  • Registration Requirements (with Immigration Partners) 
  • Individual partner assessment 
  • Pre- Arrival information
  • Virtual Orientation Tour
  • Supervised Home-Search-locations-Negotiation and check-in
  • Getting Connected/Utilities local facilities and amenities
  • Settling-In: local health care 
  • Lifestyle, making friends, local culture 
  • Closing consultation.

Intended for

  • Couples

Necessary Input

  • Destination/ Location known
  • No of people moving:  Family of 3/4 or 5 and ages of the children.

Project timeline

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion 3-6 weeks from the moment of the online intake

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

/ per service

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asked questions

I didn’t want to join my partner as it means giving up my lucrative job.
We understand. If work is not a possibility there are many examples of good ideas these days. When a door closes as is the way of relocation, another opens. You just need some practical help.
I want to study if I cannot work. Where should I start?
With the right help opportunities and ideas will be found. There are many on-line ways to study right now as well the opportunity to learn new skills.
I am a hairdresser in my own country can I work in my new country?
Good news. Hairdressing is considered a portable career so with persistence and good informative networks you may well be in luck!
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