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Mobility Strategy Consultation for Corporates

Getting mobility and your business aligned, is key to good talent management. This service offers time with our Mobility Strategy Consultant who will help you articulate and understand what you want to achieve for your organisation

You may be reviewing your current offering and looking for fresh ideas, or you may never have moved anyone before. You will be provided with an overview of ‘the possible’ from a Tzuza mobility perspective, and what you need to think about to engage and integrate mobility into your global business vision.

What do you get:

  • An introduction interview where you can discuss what is important to your organisation and what success will look like in your business
  • Building on your input, the creation of a mobility strategy to integrate with workforce planning, your Employee Value Proposition and key stakeholders
  • A plan with your next steps

Intended for:
Any corporate who needs to move their employees – it can be one, it can be one hundred!

Information required:
Please note that in order to provide advice to you, we will need information from you, including but not limited to: an overview of your business, the level of the people you are considering moving, and any possible locations.

Project timeline:

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • 3-6 weeks from the moment of opening consultation

Online consultation

Online meeting with expert (max 1 hour)

Practical advice and support

Research & Support info via PDF/Email/Chat

Protected payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestone

/ per service

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asked questions

I have never moved someone before - where do I start?
Moving someone can be a complex and daunting task if you have never done it before. We can help you sort out the ‘must have’ from the ’nice to have’ and create a process with you - whether it is for 1 individual or 100.
I am in HR and having to rethink our mobility options, as our focus is changing - what is different about Tzuza?
At Tzuza we have turned mobility on its head, and are offering a more efficient and timely way of moving people. We can talk you through how we can support moves in a more holistic, customer centric and efficient manner, while keeping an eye on cost.
We are reviewing our workforce planning strategy - where does employee relocation sit?
At Tzuza we know that organisations need an integrated people strategy. Workforce planning and relocation often go hand in hand. We can build this process with you, putting your Employee Value Proposition centre stage, and enabling a more sustainable workforce planning culture where relocation is a natural part of the process.
I am only moving 1 person - can I use Tzuza?
Absolutely! We can talk you through the relocation process and advise on what you will need to do. You can then 'pay as you go’ for the services you have decided to use.
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