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My Pet Local Support

  • Singles
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Practical
  • Online

This service offers a wide guide to all pet care in your local environment. General guidance to identifying country wide-rules and regulations for Pet owners. Finding a local Vet, Pet Passports, Getting chipped, Buying new pets, Training, Travelling in the new location with your pet, Crossing borders, Pet shopping, Holidays, Kennels, dog/cat Shelters, Emergencies and Challenges.

Practical service on knowing where to go or not to go in regard to caring for your pet. Local recommendations on vets, shopping for pet foods and equipment, parks and green areas, puppy training courses, animal grooming, pet sitting, dog walkers, holiday care. Also in case of illness and end of life care for your pet. 


What you get

  • 30 mins intake
  • Action plan made with milestones of the service request
  • Research, advice and written report on various needs and wishes of the client
  • Research to include opportunities and advice in the local neighbourhood of the home base
  • any part of choosing and buying a pet can be taken in this service e.g. buying a pedigree animal and how to go about it
  • 30 minutes closing consultation to ensure satisfied completion

Intended for

  • Singles, couples and families

Information required

  • Destination
  • Full supportive practical service
  • What kind of pet
  • To be taken on arrival or any time when moving into a new city with a pet
  • As well as when you decide to buy a pet for yourself or family  during your stay in the new location
  • Should have agreement in their rental terms to own an animal. 

Project timeline

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion 1-3 weeks from the moment of the online intake

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

/ per service

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26 Relocators provide this service.
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asked questions

Can you call and set up the appointments I need for my pet. I have very little time?
You do get a practical list, however with this Service your Relocator will make the calls with your co-operation and input.
I want to buy a puppy for my young children who are homesick at the moment. Where do I start?
Yes, can be a good idea but for sure it will be a long-term commitment. Check out your travelling schedule first! And if your rental agreement allows it. We can help.
Will it be hard for me find a rental property with a pet.
Always that bit harder! Sometimes there are penalties if you bring a pet. Higher deposits and less properties potentially open to you. But you should find something in any city.
What happens when I am not satisfied or the Relocator does not deliver (in time)?
We always work with protected payments. So you always know what you'll pay upfront. And your payments isn't released until you approve the work. Be sure to always buy relocation services through tzuza.com and not directly from Relocators. Please review our payment services and terms of conditions for more information.
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