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Pet Immigration

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Pets are family too. The Pet Immigration Package will make sure pet’s relocation is handled properly by experts. Depending on the pet and the location your Relocator will supply you with all the information on our total relocation for your pet service.  

This service is of great importance for any pet owner.  Taking care of transporting your pet to a new location is of vital importance to all the family. This service needs a lot of planning and support from other experts such as a recommended Pet Transport services. Vets etc. Understanding if your pet is allowed to enter the new country. Quarantine regulations. Co-ordinating arrivals and quarantine rules. Securing Pet Hotels or Kennels before, during departure and on arrival before the owners can collect their pet again. Your Relocator provides online assistance in part but will also be there to make the calls on your behalf, report back as to what paperwork will be required or assist securing kennels or hotels for the relocation clients with a pet. This fee excludes the costs of a Global Pet Transporter and any Vet or Kennel costs that may be required pre-departure or on arrival in the new location. Or any costs in the private transportation of the pet.  


What you get

  • 1 hour opening intake
  • 4 hours coordinating, research,  collecting and completing forms, liaising with Pet Transport, Vets, Kennels, Airlines
  • Support on completing necessary forms
  • Coordinating departure and arrival dates
  • Introduction to local relocator to assist further if required in new location 
  • Facilitating the rules and regulations of exporting/ importing your pet. Assistance on form-filling
  • Facilitation of the process of obtaining a clean bill of health for your pet and the inoculations needed- depending on your country of relocation. 
  • Design a Departure and Arrival Pet Schedule
  • Selecting and Organizing International Pet Transport and quarantine
  • Assessing and choosing kennels for temporary or quarantine stays
  • On arrival co-ordination
  • 1 hour Closing discussion


Intended for

  • Singles, couples and families

Information required

  • Destination
  • Service must start 3 months minimum or more, prior to a departure date
  • Age of the Pet should be known
  • Pet history in paperwork is useful
  • Timelines clearly indicated
  • Fees must be expected from Pet Transportation/Vets and paid for at all times by the Client

Project timeline

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion 1-3 weeks from the moment of the online intake

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

/ per service

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asked questions

My pet is a 13 year old dog. Can I bring him with me?
Always try but it’s good to talk it over with a vet to be realistic on survival of a long journey.
I will arrive quite a few days after my pet in my new home. What will I do?
There many stages to be completed in order when moving a pet Understanding the quarantine rules are very important and if not well-timed mean one of you could arrive much earlier than the other!
I just heard I need to move to a new position within 6 weeks. What do I do about my 2 dogs?
The process for setting up to make the move with pets internationally can be a long one—as long as six months for some countries -but not all. So, talk to your vet, organize transport and find some good kennels both in current country and in new one.
I have not moved since I have my cat. Now I must, I have hardly any paperwork for her.
You need lots of documentation and proof. Have multiple copies of correct documentation with you, and ensure that everything is signed exactly where it needs to be! Missing or incomplete paper work can mean expensive delays.
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