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Supported Home Search Rental

The right home in the right neighbourhood is the key to a comfortable life in a foreign country. TZUZA offers one of its most popular services ever!  A complete online rental housing package to ensure your new home is the right one. We define your needs, listen to your analysis of the properties you visit and guide you towards a right decision.  Supervise contract negotiation and ensure your home is conveniently located for work, schools, shops and other services and that you are connected to all the necessary amenities.

One of the most important decisions in your life abroad. Opening Interview and intake  research and useful sites to get started. Information on the various neighbourhoods and amenities.  Feedback with client on making the right choices. options. Establishing contact with reliable housing agents.  Using your Relocator as your advisor and go-between. 

Supporting clients needs in organizing, planning and  itinerary making. Coordination and supervision of contract negotiation. Advice on insurance and other official matters when renting a property. Information on furniture to rent or buy. Advise on making payments. Parking, commuting. Supervise the check-in with the Estate Agent, Ensure your home is conveniently located for work, schools, shops and other services and that you are connected to all the necessary amenities. 

What do you get:  

  • Housing and neighbourhoods needs analysis
  • Discussion about costs, budget, timeline
  • Necessities for making a decision
  • Itinerary planning with chosen Estate Agents
  • Review of final choices and decision-making
  • Contract negotiation- first payments
  • Paperwork required. Insurance, residency etc.
  • Online supervised check –in
  • PDF of local amenities and facilities.

Intended for:

  • Singles, couples and famlies

Information required:

  • Destination
  • To be taken before a move to a new location takes place. Or just after arrival while the individuals are in temporary accommodation. 

Project timeline:

  • start date 1 week after payment
  •  1-3 weeks from the moment of the online intake

Opening conversation on your needs

Online meeting with your Relocator (max 1 hour)

Practical advice and support

Research & Support info via PDF/Email/Chat

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

Final consultation

Online meeting with your Relocator (max 1 hour)

/ per service

14 Relocators provide this service.

asked questions

I want to spend the few days I have to look for property in getting as much finalized as possible.
We offer a total support online and many things can be organized together. Prioritize listen to the opportunities. Talk about your needs and go look for yourself with recommended Estate Agents.
We think we found a house to rent I want to make changes to the contract. Can you advise?
Absolutely we will negotiate for you once we understand what your limits are.
How much time do I need to find and secure a rented property ?
Luckily we have this down to a fine art and we are well used to supporting clients in just a few days.
I only need a studio or a couple of rooms. Can you also assist with that?
Of course, sometimes smaller and cheaper property is harder to find because you are working with the locals who want the same thing. With someone working with you –you have the best opportunities for success.
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