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Supporting Relatives while Abroad

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Supporting students, elderly, unwell or bereaved relatives while abroad can be challenging and emotionally exhausting for international employees and their partners. This package helps your employee and/or partner create the peace of mind they need as they manage these relationships from a distance.

There is nothing more emotionally challenging than being stuck thousands of miles away from home unable to help or support a relative who is struggling in some way. While it is impossible to plan for every eventuality, contingency plans can be put in place to help should unforeseen challenges and events arise. This service gives clients the opportunity to consider the potential challenges, to grade their perceived level of risk and then consider strategies to minimise, mitigate or manage the potential outcomes/challenges that could occur. Contingency plans can be developed for students studying abroad, elderly relatives, family members with health challenges and provisions for any immediate family member who may be impacted by adverse events while living abroad. It also includes thinking about how good connections and relationships will be maintained with relatives/close family and friends while living abroad.

Intended for

Internationally mobile people who want to identify the potential challenges that may arise when supporting relatives from a distance and create contingency plans for support should adversity strike.

What you get

Two hours consultancy, plus materials with a relocation coach where the following is discussed:

  • Maintaining relationships with relatives and close friends back home
  • Strategies for creating and maintaining valued connections while abroad
  • Children living abroad: Consideration of the potential challenges and opportunities for support; including support for ill health, inability to travel due to travel restrictions, financial difficulties, and accommodation challenges
  • Elderly or unwell relatives: Potential challenges such as the need for emergency medical care or long-term care. Sources of support. Expression of wish and power of attorney agreements. How to have challenging conversations
  • Preparation for adverse events while living abroad. This includes steps for ensuring adequate medical care while abroad, contacts and connections for support when needed, financial security, wills, and an agreement about how things would be managed in the case of a relationship breakdown or divorce

Information Required

  • Location and time zone
  • Ability to access online conference calls as this service will be delivered virtually

Project Timeline

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion after two one-hour consulting sessions delivered in line with the clients preferred schedule.

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

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asked questions

Will this service provide the practical support my employees relative needs?
No, this service provides your employee with the space to consider what their relatives needs might be and how to go about securing the right support them, but we do not deliver that support. That will be down to your employee and the service providers they contract in their home country.
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