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The Essential Relocation Package for Singles

  • Singles
  • Practical
  • Online

This package provides professional relocation  assistance in continuous consultation and practical care with the client’s local professional Relocator (all conducted online). Your Relocator will supply a relocation plan, timeline and relevant information on how to get your relocation activated, and support you throughout the pre arrival and post arrival period – including addressing important  issues such as budget and alternative ways to secure cheaper accommodation (not always possible).

Individuals moving on their own – need someone local and knowledgeable to turn to. They usually devote themselves to their new job and like to work long hours! With Information, practical assistance with making choices, evaluation of budgets, timelines. This Service is completed after settling into your new home. Individuals have very different needs and requests, before and during a move to a new location. There are many decisions to be made and they need to choose their new location, thinking of budget and managing a domestic and social life when they are working all day! Knowing where is safe, where are the facilities and amenities to make daily life easier and convenient. Where to meet new people, have fun and keep fit!


What I get

  • Opening Consultation: Expectations and Reality. Costs, timelines and needs
  • Moving and Shipping advice
  • Registration Requirements (with Immigration Partners) 
  • Individual partner assessment 
  • Pre- Arrival information
  • Virtual Orientation Tour
  • Supervised Home-Search-locations-Negotiation and check-in
  • Getting Connected/Utilities local facilities and amenities
  • Settling-In: local health care 
  • Lifestyle, making friends, local culture 
  • Closing consultation.


Intended for

  • Singles

Necessary Input

  • Destination/ Location known

Project timeline

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion 3-6 weeks from the moment of the online intake

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

/ per service

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46 Relocators provide this service.
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asked questions

I will move alone. I can live anywhere, the cheaper the better.
Yes, this is certainly the time to look for a cheaper option. However some items in a task list just have to be taken care of. Even sharing and couch-surfing needs legal entry paperwork!
I am relocating to study. Where should I start?
Universities are usually helpful and have housing lists. With Covid there are many new rules and ideas. Perhaps use a local assistant for a few hours to get everything straight?
I am moving and am leaving a large family behind. Will I really manage?
If you're moving to a city where you don't know many people, it can feel a little isolating . A perk of being single is you've got lots of time and you're flexible! So you are now free to build your own social network!
What happens when I am not satisfied or the Relocator does not deliver (in time)?
We always work with protected payments. So you always know what you'll pay upfront. And your payments isn't released until you approve the work. Be sure to always buy relocation services through tzuza.com and not directly from Relocators. Please review our payment services and terms of conditions for more information
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