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To Go Or Not To Go

Making the choice to move to another county in pursuit of your career or life changes can be a exciting and daunting task. Your Relocator will provide you with all of the necessary information to make an informed decision on a future in a new location.

This service is customized to your personal circumstances, needs and budget and will give you a glimpse of what daily life will be like and cost in your new location. Whatever your circumstances this Service gives you a chance to discuss all concerns and likely lifestyle and potential costs.  For yourself or anyone else in your family.  Even those you may have to leave behind!

What do you get:

  • Consultation call, in-depth intake. 
  • Challenges and problem solving
  • Emotional choices
  • Breakdown of legal requirements
  • Brief overview of cost of living
  • Housing, safety, healthcare 
  • Prospects expatriate networking
  • Useful Resources Guide for making decisions sent by PDF. 
  • Closing review, final discussion of all the options. 

Intended for:

  • Singles, Couples, Families

Necessary input:

  • Destination/ Location known

Project timeline:

  • start date 1 week after payment
  •  1-2 weeks from the moment of opening consultation

Opening Consultation

Online meeting with Relocator (max 1 hour)

Reasearch and local information

Research info via email/chat/pdf

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

Closing Consultation

Online meeting with Relocator (max 1 hour)

/ per service

10 Relocators provide this service.

asked questions

We will lose a salary in our household if I take this job. Will we manage?
Depends where you are moving to.. One salary less can be tough, but what are the earning possibilities in the new location?
Should I sell or rent out my house before moving to Spain?
Perhaps wait to see if the new job is a success. Chat with an accountant and find out what your outgoings may be in the new city.
I am in the middle of treatment for kidney disease. Should I take what is a really good promotion in Amsterdam. My partner does not want to go.
It's risky . Treatment may well be very good but you will lack friends and relatives for support. But its a question of sorting out pros and cons.
My child has special needs. Will I find the same kind of support that I am getting a present.
Depends where you move to and if a child with certain handicaps can deal with language and difference in habits. It's always possible. Lots of research needed.
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