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Who are we

TZUZA is the largest global relocation services e-commerce platform

Through TZUZA, our world wide network of Relocators and service providers offer a wide variety of relocation services in over 50 countries, fully online. People moving for a corporate employer or by themselves can simply “click and buy” a full range of relocation services. This can vary from essential services to soft services required for a successful transition to an unfamiliar location. The core of TZUZA’s online model allows customer to “Pay-as-you-Go”. Anyone can simply shop for the services they require, pay for what they need, when they need it, any time, any where.

TZUZA is open to anyone, on any budget:

Online slashes relocation costs in the traditional corporate market and opens up cost-effective professional relocation services to anyone on the move, on any budget.

The TZUZA difference:

Our Pay-As-You-Go model, gives consumers what they want, when they want it, anywhere, anytime. It is the perfect solution for this highly valuable and largely ignored market sector.  

TZUZA Key Drivers

End-User Driven: TZUZA the first universal online/hybrid Global Relocation Services company with a specific relocating-on-the-ground, customer driven model.

Global Network: TZUZA has created a global network of relocation consultants, each offering our standard relocation services in addition to their own support specialties, all available to assist transferees, offering simply the most flexible, open relocation service available in any location and any customer be they teenagers or retirees.

All Communities: We enable consumers (B2C), communities of users (C2C) and executives (B2B) moving from country-to-country and on any budget, to have all-in-one personal relocation support online or offline.

Vision – Beyond The Conventional: Reaching out to totally new communities of people on the move and not just to the traditional corporate employee and their family marketplace. But all levels of employees, 

Real-Time Relocation Experts: Services are delivered directly in real-time by local relocation experts (Relocators)

Who are we?

Our founders on the management team have come from over 45 years of traditional relocation experience and well know the new thinking and how to progress out of today’s traditional market place into a more relevant, cost cutting and successful service. 

Michele Bar –Pereg: 45 years in traditional relocation,   With own offices across Europe and ex-President of EuRA * (European Relocation Association ).  Taking relocation services to a modern,  user friendly, value- priced relocation service with a click and buy approach.  She creates and designs what is needed for today relocation customers, together with her world-wide network of experts With hundreds and hundreds of talented Relocators who are close to  their local markets as well as being able to lead their clients in what is needed for a successful transition and assimilation into their areas.  Michele works out of the Dutch Office. 

Sharon Reher: HR Expert with more than 30 years in managing Mobility for Corporate Clients. Creating  Global Relocation Policy for many of the Fortune 500 Companies. Working out of U.K.

Robert van den Bout: Online Marketing Expert with more than 15 years of experience in designing, developing and market online matching platforms. Working out of the Netherlands.

Elmer Bol: Business Strategist. Elmer Bol is a very experienced entrepreneur who has founded, managed and succesfully sold tech companies in the past. Working out of the Netherlands.

Sukhjinder Singh: Commercial Professional. Sukhjinder Singh is also a very experienced entrepreneur who – through his owns succesfull companies – has an extensive corporate network to generate business for Tzuza and our relocators.

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