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Getting Started – Your First Relocation Consultation

  • Singles
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Coaching
  • Practical
  • Online

An interactive and in depth conversation with a Relocator, who is local to the country and town that you are relocating to, and who will give you more relevant local knowledge than a week searching the internet. An insider’s view of what to expect in your new country.

A conversation with a Relocator, who is local to the country and town you are relocating to. The relocator will listen and offer a broad range of facts combined with the human side of a move to their areas. Your Relocator will inform you about basic requirements of moving into your new location. Broadly discussing the preparation, costs, daily life style and identifying what you will need in your planning for a move and happy landing in an unfamiliar place. This brief service is designed to answer a few of those burning questions about the new location, to help you decide and prioritize your needs from a relocation service. When you feel you need more time with your Relocator you just purchase an additional ‘Getting Started’ Consultation package.

What you get

  • Introduction consultation
  • Immediate, direct and expert local support for anyone relocating anywhere
  • 2 days of follow-up questions on email
  • Immediate, direct and expert local support for relocating anywhere 
  • Ease of purchasing extra time for a more in-depth service with the same Relocator, so you don’t have to repeat yourself
  • Gives a great overview on any aspect of a move to the area and country you are moving to
  • Starts to prioritize time and costs
  • Gives information for the sort of life you may live in your new location
  • Gives an opportunitity to go on to create a process and plan with a professional who is trained and understands your needs, budget and misgivings about what your new life may hold


Intended for

  • For singles, couples and families

Necessary input

  • Destination/ Location known

Project timeline

  • Start date 1 week after payment
  • Completion 1-3 weeks after the the initial consultation

Protected Payments

Your payment isn't released until you approve the work

Service Track & Trace

Service timeline with milestones

/ per service

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44 Relocators provide this service.
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asked questions

I have a job offer in a distant country how do I start to decide if this is right for me and my partner
Ask the right questions, very different for both of you- only then can you visualize living and working a in a new location
I am going alone to Tokyo for work. I am 29 years old.
Can you can manage new situations with ease? Learning how to network and choosing suitable areas to live are important to the success of this relocation.
I have a young family and we have to move from Amsterdam to Berlin. Where do we start.?
Start with a good conversation about what you need to know and should know with your local Relocator, Start prioritizing and discovering
I have a chance to work in Vietnam. I am a single mother with a 5 year old, where do I start to find out if this will be an opportunity or a disaster.
Get your facts in a row, start to sort out the practicalities of what you need to do and work out if its do-able ! Armed with the facts you will know what to do.
What happens when I am not satisfied or the Relocator does not deliver (in time)?
We always work with protected payments. So you always know what you'll pay upfront. And your payments isn't released until you approve the work. Be sure to always buy relocation services through tzuza.com and not directly from Relocators. Please review our payment services and terms of conditions for more information.
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